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User Guide

Learn about how to use SecurLogin portal.

This user guide contains instruction on the use of SecurLogin enterprise administrator user account for 2FA set up, and enterprise user working flow and operations.


SecurLogin Proxy Deployment Guide

On-premise SecurLogin Proxy deployment guide.

This guide contains instructions on how to deploy SecurLogin Proxy. This guide is intended as a reference for System Administrator and SecurLogin subscriptor


SecurLogin REST API Reference

REST API for authentication integration with SecurLogin.

Provides details on APIs usages, such as business implementation, security control and data query.


Download Mobile Application

The SecurLogin Admin Panel is secured with two-factor authentication. You’ll use your phone to confirm your identity after entering your username and password. If you have an iPhone or Android device, the best way to authenticate is with SecurLogin Mobile.

Launch the app store on your phone and search for “SecurLogin Mobile.” Install the app. Tap “OK” if asked about push notifications. Or download it here.

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